Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Out Of Sight, London

Westbourne Road ,
London N7 8AB

Located in Islington, overlooking Paradise Park, this double-pitched mansard roof extension provides a much needed extra storey to an otherwise cramped maisonette. The design solution is an innovative form and structure that does not interfere with the existing terrace features.
Titled "Out of Sight", the composition has made no visual impact / modification to the street scene along Westbourne Road. This was achieved by setting the facade behind the existing front parapet, providing a much needed outside space.

The construction sequence was tuned to enable the family to continue living in the rooms below during the construction period.

The result is that a growing family are now able to stay within their local community with the benefit of more suitable spaces. We believe this is a perfect solution to the growing pains of Families that find themselves otherwise trapped by spatial and planning constraints. Forced to move from sensitive inner city areas to the suburbs.

From the new roof terrace and with glimpses from Paradise Park, the eye-catching roof covering with it’s faceted form is a stunning addition the Terrace. Spaced Out specified this high reflective stainless steel for a specific signature to the building. Playing with this visual effect, its reflective qualities causes a virtual illusion merging the architecture with the sky. Perfect for ‘Out of Sight’.

Shortlisted for AJ Small Projects 2010

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Eliana Tomás said...

this sounds a very interesting project where every design and architectural issue was addressed. it would be so nice if you could post more photos. i'm interested actually in the material specifications of the exterior walls.

btw, the project's name couldn't be more accurate.