Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Kanada Ya, Panton Street

In the heart of London’s West End close to Piccadilly Circus, at 3 Panton Street, this once dated basement and ground floor french restaurant has been transformed into a unique Japanese ramen restaurant. The transformation is the second Kanada-Ya restaurant in London. Two others are overseas, one in Japan and one on Hong Kong Island. The client brief was to develop themes from their original London restaurant in St Giles, by Haruhito Tomi with Spaced Out to cement the Kanada – Ya brand in London.

As found the space was dark and in need of complete renovation. This provided many design and detail challenges. The result of Spaced Out’s close collaboration with the clients incorporates a skyscape of round ceiling mirrors set at angles to reveal interesting pockets of extended vision for the customers. This feature alone makes the most of the details within the space. High level clerestory mirrors widen and extend the basement space, positioned strategically under the traditional london pavement lenses. The use of round pendant lights, in a variety of sizes and textures, interspersed with the skyscape adds to the dynamics of the space. Reflections of the furniture, occupants and the lighting provides a buzz to the whole composition.

The Kanada-Ya brand logo, featuring Mr Kanada-Ya provided the inspiration for the colour pallet, predominantly using black, white and flashes of red as the ‘secret colour’. The original structural brickwork of the space has been beautifully sandblasted and cleaned and combined with natural Douglas Fir timber furniture, injects a natural feel into the more formal colour pallet. The final materials palette creates a comfortable composition. The use of cross laminated douglas fir, by Tilly, is used to form, stools, benches and the round booths. Composed of 3 solid layers of douglas fir, this material has a very graphical as well as natural weave to its cut faces. This is expressed on the furniture as well as the vertically banded screen to the staircase. The douglas fir wood has been treated with a white hard wax oil to provide a silk like finish and added durability.

All the furniture and fittings are designed by Spaced Out and fabricated by an Artist / Maker, the Bamber Brothers of Hackney. The leg profile of the stools reflects the profile of the booth backs , a typical inflection often found in Japanese and other oriental furniture. Whereas, back to back, the booths create an elegant diamond graphic, filled with a flash of the secret colour, red. The variability of form found in chop sticks inspired the staircase screen. Note that each element is paired and that lengths and thicknesses vary based on our research. These quiet but effective references add to the authenticity of the final design language nurtured by Spaced Out.

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