Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Drayton Park School, London

New Art Studio, Community Room and Playspace at Drayton Park Primary School, Arvon Road, London N5
Currently on site and due for completion March 2013

This project provides new teaching spaces, pre and after school facilities, a flexible Community room and new play spaces. The design offers flexibility of use for cross disciplinary knowledge exchange and skills development for all the children of the School.

Art Room Plan (first floor)

The provision of the Community Room offers parallel activities that can be independently scheduled or integral to the School agenda. The potential to extend a broad based knowledge and skills exchange with the local Community is central to the vision of Drayton Park Primary School.
 Arvon road elevation

The art studio in part cantilevers over the playground to minimise any loss of playground space. This creates a covered play area and a place for safe play on and adjacent to the lifeboat. 

Arvon Road Section

The roof form of the art room is derived from attaining the best possible natural ‘flat’ northern light. This helps to minimises energy usage.
Playground Section

The symbolic use of a traditional pitched roof house, so often used by children to represent a home, defines the Community Room.

The design philosophy is an inclusive philosophy that seeks to resolve the needs of the School and the wider Community with a building that both visually and spatial represents it’s purpose. 

The design philosophy includes stages of distillation. Taking care to collate all views raised during the early consultation phases and the more formal design presentations.

The Head Teacher and the School Governors have worked tirelessly to open-up ‘best’ channels of communication with the School and the local Community. With resounding success this process has reinforced the concept designs and focused the creation of the scheme that is now being constructed on site.

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