Tuesday, 31 August 2010

The Peace Pentagon Competition, New York

339 Lafayette Street,
New York

The design centres around communicating the message of peace and justice within the community. By encouraging visitors to the Peace Pentagon to sign the peace register or relax in the roof top garden we wish to help mobilize the peace movement.

The Peace Register cabin, perched on the lip of the canyon on the side of the building invites visitors to add their thoughts to the register, whose entries will be projected onto the rear wall.

Interactive digital texts and the Dusk-to-Dawn banners (currently illustrated with ‘Peace’ by Luba Lukova) create both a permanent and ever changing display on the street elevations.

The cost of creating this state-of-the-art environmentally sustainable building is projected as being less than 0.063 percent of New York City’s financial commitment to the current Iraq and
Afghanistan wars.

Design and model by Spaced Out, rendering by Clustaspace, banner artwork courtesy of Luba Lukova

Conceptual Design development with Bob Baldwin of Doris Inc.

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Dominic Burton said...

Wow looks cool, I like the people and the train on the elevation.
Great to see some updates!